Study Overview

The West County High-Capacity Transit Study is evaluating options for major transit investments in key corridors based on where people want to go now and are expected to go in the future. The Study is focused on rapid and direct services that can attract new riders among the 250,000 residents of West County and can be a competitive alternative to driving. It will identify one or more projects to improve high-capacity transit in West County, expand alternatives to driving on congested streets and highways, and improve regional air quality and quality of life.

Study Schedule
wcctac project timeline
Note: Dates are subject to change.

Thank you for your interest in the WCCTAC High-Capacity Transit Study!

Why is WCCTAC Conducting a High-Capacity Transit Study?

Interstate 80 is the most congested corridor in the Bay Area, and the Richmond BART line often reaches full capacity during commute hours.

Expanded transit options and capacity would provide West County residents, including those located away from major corridors, with more convenient and comfortable access to employment centers in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville, as well as the greater Bay Area job market.

Study map below:
West County Transit Study map

Project Documents

Project documents, including Board and Council presentations, will be made available for download here.
Study Process
Study Team Organization

Technical Memos
Technical memoranda (technical memos) are written on a variety of topics corresponding to the Study Process and are the forum where the Study’s analyses are presented in detail. The following draft technical memos are available for review:

Technical Memorandum #2: Goals and Objectives
Technical Memorandum #3: Strategic Communications and Outreach Plan
Technical Memorandum #4: Summary and Evaluation of Prior Studies
Technical Memorandum #5: Existing and Planned Transportation Network
Technical Memorandum #6: Existing and Future Land Use Conditions
Technical Memorandum #7: Travel Markets
Technical Memorandum #8: Preliminary Alternatives
Technical Memorandum #9: Evaluation Criteria
Technical Memorandum #10: Preliminary Evaluation and Screening
Technical Memorandum #11: Alternatives Refinement
Technical Memorandum #12: Ridership Estimates
Technical Memorandum #13.1: Preliminary Screening Cost Estimate
Technical Memorandum #13.2: Refined Preliminary Screening Cost Estimate
Technical Memorandum #14: Funding Strategy
Technical Memorandum #15: Final Evaluation
April 2016 Public Outreach Summary Report
April 2016 Public Outreach Summary Report Appendix
April 2017 Council Presentations and Survey #2 Outreach Report
April 2017 Council Presentations and Survey #2 Outreach Report Appendix

Past Presentations
February 24, 2017, Update to WCCTAC Board
February 2017 to March 2017 Council Presentations
December 9, 2016, Update to WCCTAC Board
May 2016 WCCTAC Board Meeting
April 2016 Community Workshops Presentation
February 26, 2016, Update to WCCTAC Board
January 22, 2016, Update to WCCTAC Board
September 25, 2015, Update to WCCTAC Board